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Ref: Railway overpass reconstruction in Kalnciema Street, Riga.

In accordance with Contract No 9/1.14.4-2-2000/45 of 13.03.2000, TILTS, Ltd performed the overpass reconstruction works during the period from 03.04.2000 to 29.10.2001.

The repair works were performed in two stages , closing first one lane than the other in order not to stop the traffic and pedestrian movement completely.

The carriageway reconstruction, the piers, span and retaining walls repairs were fully performed.

The overpass reconstruction design (18x24 scheme) was carried out by RIGAS TILTI, Ltd. The design features noteworthy engineering solutions:

to deminish dynamic loads caused by the functional joints, triple span merging was applied connecting those with MAURER-SOHNE functional joints.

In the course of reconstruction TILTS, Ltd modified the drainage system by installing water drains to carry water off the asphalt coat of the carriageway.

The repair works were performed in close cooperation with the customer, which was instrumental in effective responding to any questions that emerged during the reconstruction.

The building works were of high quality, in accordance with the requirements of the design and building standards and regulations.

On completion, the reconstructed overpass became another addition to the whole network of repaired engineering structures in Riga.

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