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Reinforcement processing factory


The most modern

reinforcement processing factory in the Baltics

TILTS Ltd. is a civil construction and manufacturing company and was founded in 1989. Companys directions of activity are civil engineering projects like road, railway, tunnels, bridge and traffic overpass construction and reconstruction. The company also manufacture a wide range of top quality reinforcement products.

Construction is not possible without high-quality reinforcement which ensures the stability and durability of structures. We offer a wide range of the top quality steel reinforcement products and services, starting from Electro Welded reinforcement mesh and cutting, bending and straightening of reinforcement rods to production of rebar cages of various complexity. In our work we are always focused on the customer’s wishes and we try to achieve mutual understanding of technical perfection with the customer which will create long-term cooperation in the future.


Modern technologies and the necessary raw materials are used in the production which are delivered directly from the manufacturers’ factories. Our factory quality certificates: ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004; ISO 18001:2007. The used reinforcement in manufactory are certified for the Baltic, Scandinavian and European markets.


High production capacity and high-quality logistics allow to deliver the manufactured products with an accuracy of up to 1-2 hours. In our company has successfully implemented LEAN system.


Our company is able to complete the entire production cycle from design to delivery of finished constructions. This process makes it possible to trace all manufactured parts from the beginning to delivery and installation on construction site, as well as the raw materials production batch, brand and delivery process from the manufacturer to the destination of delivery. To proving the origin of the product all necessary documentation form is completed for our products.
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Electro Welded reinforcement mesh
Length 1500 – 6000mm
Width 1200 – 2400mm
Reinforcement diameter 4 – 12mm
Production cutting, bending and straightening of reinforcement coils
Diameter 6 – 16mm
Bending angle 0 – 1800
Bending precision 2 mm
High-precision automated straightening of reinforcement bars from reinforcement coils
Diameter 4 – 12mm
Lenght Up to 12m
Cutting and bending of reinforcement rods (10-40m)
Diameter 8 – 40 mm
Bending angle 00 – 3600
Circular rebar products
Diameter 6 – 32mm
Bending radius From 70mm
Semi-automatic welding of square and rectangular cages
Length 1500 – 12000mm
Standard reinforcement products
Cylindrical rebar cages
Cages diameter 210 – 1500mm
Spiraling step 50 – 500mm
Main reinforcement bars diameter 10 – 40mm
Spiralring reinforcement diameter 5 – 16mm
To manufactured products we add declarations of conformity, technical passports according to international requirements and customer’s wishes


Environmental protection is our company’s priority. Our knowledge and experience are aimed at constantly improving technical processes and saving resources, as a result of which the negative impact on the environment is reduced, thus ensuring the plant in accordance with all legal norms. This principle prevails over every commercial success.

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