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Last financial year the company’s turnover amounted to slightly over 18 million euros.

The company on a regular basis undertakes projects of the following types: work package elaboration, design construction supervision of TILTS produced projects, temporary works of any complexity.

In order to maintain and improve our position as a market leader, TILTS continuously and systematically educates and trains its staff, improves the methods and instructions employed within the company and enhances its representation on the market by opening more offices around the region since 2001 there is a company office in Tallinn, Estonia, which in the very few years of its existence has grown to a size of 25 engineers and continues to rapidly expand. Introduction of new technologies and advanced materials applications are considered an important asset, therefore originating in separate organizations departments, these trends are followed-up by the whole company through courses, seminars and on full-time courses in specialist educational establishments, etc.

In addition to the construction business, the company also has its own manufacturing facilities, which produce concrete and reinforcement cages. On subcontract basis, TILTS also lays shallow and deep piled foundations (using the latest professional equipment, including BAUER boring machines) and performs specialist services.

Environment protection policy of TILTS Ltd.

Environment protection is the highest priority for the company. The company demands compliance with all procedures necessary for environment protection. Such procedures have to prevail over any other commercial benefits.

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