Prefabricated reinforced concrete

The equipment and capacity of the production base in Riga gives the capability to produce prismatic piles of 300x300 and 350x350mm sections of up to 12m in length and up to 160 per month.

Other production capabilities include:

  • motor traffic bridge beams for continuous system bridges of lengths up to 23m
  • R-C slab span structures up to 13,5m in length for railway bridges
  • R-C rectangular pipe sections for tunnels, waterways and live stock ways under embankments.
  • R-C railway crossing slabs
  • R-C ballastless railway bridge slabs
  • R-C units for road and rail bridge and overpass equipment (side-beams, gullies, etc)
  • R-C units for slope reinforcement
  • Various other custom-made R-C units for engineering construction

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