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The Bridge across River Gauja on route Adazhi - Kadaga

Design engineer – ZTF “Inženierbūve”, Riga

Total length – 137 m

Driveway width – 8 m, two sidewalks and a cycle path.

The pretensioned continuous reinforced-concrete superstructure is supported by five bridge abutments. The main river span of 80 m represents a steel tubular arch (pipe diameter 812 mm, wall thickness 16 mm) and steel pipe cross beams (pipe diameter 500 mm, wall thickness 20 mm) that support the prestressed reinforced-concrete superstructure by means of adjustable steel hangers.

Cast-in-situ bridge abutments are founded on 12-m prismatic driven piles. The cast-in-situ prestressed reinforced-concrete superstructure was constructed on “DOKA” solid system formwork. The formwork, however, was erected on temporary I-beams and driven pipe temporary supports joined by a cast-in-situ reinforced-concrete caps.

The erection of steel arch sections was completed by means of a mobile jib-type crane and a stationary tower crane on temporary formwork by “PERI”.

After assembly, arch pipes were filled with self-compacting concrete. The specialists of company TES “TUVNORDBALTIK”, Ltd. were involved in the process of welding control and arch section erection work.

The Bridge was put in commission in December 2007.

The work of bridge builders was appreciated greatly and was given a second place in nomination of “Engineering Constructions” of “Latvia’s Best Construction Projects Awards” in 2007.

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